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  1. Good evening. Thank you…Excellent article.

  2. Teresa Esmezyan says:

    I took ballet classes as a kid and I have always wanted to start again. I have no dance experience Ns have to start completely from scratch. I am 25 now and want to take a beginners course, and wanted to know the price.

    • Ballet Coppélia says:

      Classes start up again on Monday, June 18th for 10 weeks. The schedule is from 5:45 to 7 p.m. and the price $215.00 + $20.00 registration fees.

      Best regards,

      Ballet Coppélia

  3. Teresa Musacchio says:


    I need an adult beginner’s class. I am taking flamenco and I want to improve my balance and my turns. Also, I would enjoy the exercises on the bar.

    When is your next semester?

  4. kayla vaccaro says:

    Hello, I have a similar inquiry as mentioned above. I am 21 and did ballet from 4-12years old. I would like to start again…are there winter classes available and what time do they typically take place?

  5. CostumeLooks says:

    The Academy welcomes Mr. Daniel Simmons! We are excited to introduce to you the Academy’s newest faculty member, Mr. Daniel Simmons .  Joining us this Fall, he brings a wealth of knowledge, vast experience, and an endless supply of energy to contribute toward our growth as a professional ballet school.  He will teaching youth and adult classes,  assist with performances, and help set new full length ballets among many other exciting projects. 

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